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"How To Be Prepared For Any Emergency Or SHTF Scenario"

"How To Be Prepared For Any Emergency Or SHTF Scenario"

...even if you think That It Is Too Late, Or That The Amount Of What You Need To Know And Own Seems Greater Than You Can Manage!

...even if you think That It's Too Late, Or That The Amount Of What You Need To Know And Own Seems Greater Than You Can Manage!

Learn The Exact System With The Step By Step Monthly Training (Even If Your A Beginner Just Starting Out)

Learn The Exact System With The Step By Step Monthly Training (Even If You're A Beginner Just Starting Out)

What You're Going To learn...

  • The Foundation: We call it the CORE 4 - The absolute foundational knowledge everyone should know in order to survive... Even if it's just a few days!
  • Essential knowledge: Once you've mastered the CORE 4, you'll become proficient in the other essentials necessary to not only survive, but thrive in virtually any emergency situation.
  • Tools and supplies: Knowing what you need and where to get it so you'll be prepared is invaluable. We'll coach through this maze of information so you'll be well equipped.
  • Skills: There's a difference between book smarts and street smarts... This is where you'll get both! What's point in having all these amazing tools and knowledge if you don't know how to use it?
  • Peace of mind: With everything going on in the world these days, can you honestly say that you're confident in your ability to survive and provide for your family or do you feel a little behind? No matter how you answer that question, we'll get you to where you need to be. 

When An emergency hits, will you be prepared?

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An ice storm can knock out power for days or weeks. Are you prepared for keeping your family warm and fed? 

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When a hurricane destroys the entire infrastructure of your community, having the skills to navigate the chaos and provide a resource to help your neighbors is invaluable.

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Water is a critical resource. If you don't know how to find, filter, purify, and store water, you have only 3 days of survival before life comes to an end. 

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Emergencies aren't always natural, or an attack. Sometimes, your world gets turned upside down because of an isolated personal disaster. You need to have a plan to grab, go, and gather to keep your family safe and together.

An emergency isn't always an "emergency"...

More often than not, the "emergency" you'll face will be something small...
But without the proper knowledge and training,
that small problem can become a BIG problem!


Simple power outages can disrupt your daily habits. Do you have the knowledge to navigate these annoyances. 


Nobody expects to be stranded on some lonely road because of inclement weather... Yet every year we hear about this exact scenario on the news. Having the right gear and knowledge for the right situation could be the difference of life and death.


A broken pipe can destroy your house and force you into seeking shelter. Depending on what time of year, and it could be devastating


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The Time To Dig Your Well Is Before You Are Thirsty...

No one knows when a disaster will hit. When it does, you have to act immediately.

- The worst feeling in the world is to have an emergency and realize you have no idea what to do.
- Having the skillset and mental capacity to handle any emergency when it matters most WILL be the difference between survival and not
- Relying upon your neighbors or family is the worst form of preparedness. They are likely in the same emergency as you are.

It's time to take control of your disaster readiness. Your family's health and life truly depend upon it!

"When I was on the fire department, we trained regularly. It could seem trivial that we kept training on the same skills, week after week, but the reality is, repetition saves lives.

In a fire scenario, the threat to life is a very real thing. The more we trained on the same processes and skills, the more calm we felt when an actual disaster happened. It wasn't just our community citizen's lives we were protecting, it was our own as well. 

Planning and preparing for an emergency is just as vital. We don't know what emergency we will face, but we DO know, we will face one sometime in our lives."

Take Control Of Your Family's Survival!


"Getting Started can seem pretty overwhelming if you don't have a plan."

Start with the Core 4!

The foundation to all preparation and survival is what we call the Core 4!

First Aid

If you are caught in ANY emergency, you need to make sure that you have food, shelter, water, and basic first aid supplies and skills. Without the Core 4, the chances of survival drastically go down. That is the worst feeling in the world and we don't want you to feel it.


"For years I felt that the only way to become prepared for emergencies, was to be enlist in an extreme school...
Boy was I wrong!"


Learn The Lost art of water mastery in the program!

If you don't have enough water, your body will start to shut down. The symptoms can be confused with other conditions and can lead to severe pain and eventually death. Knowing how to find, store, and properly purify your water, is a life saving skill that everyone  needs to know. 


Learn Basic First Aid in an easy to process system

First aid is one of the most terrifying skills you'll ever have to use. Someone's life is literally in your hands. One false action, and everything can go south in a hurry. However, if you have basic first aid knowledge, the feeling of terror changes to the feeling a fear. It's never easy, and it never gets better. With the the right knowledge, it becomes manageable. You'll learn from a retired Fire Fighter/EMT-Intermediate, the basic first aid skills that will help you feel more comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations.

Learn the skills to provide a cooked meal for your family or community in time of need

Having a supply of food is only as good as your ability to know how to prepare it. The last thing that your family wants to have is a bland tasting meal, day in and day out, because the skills to cook your food storage is almost as valuable as the food itself. 


Without Shelter, survival in inclement weather becomes the biggest concern!

The rule of thumb is, without shelter when the weather turns severe, the clock ticks quickly before you die. 11th Hour Preparedness teaches the necessary skills to build emergency shelters, as well as temporary shelters within your own home. 


After mastering the Core 4, you'll be ready to build your preparedness knowledge to cover all the major topics that are required for survival in ANY emergency!

What's In 11th Hour Preparedness?

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The Time To Prepare Is NOW!

Read the headlines and you'll see that we are running out of time!

With Resources at an All-Time-Low, being able to get the critical tools and resources has become more essential than ever before. 

Making the costly mistake of waiting until the time is right,is a recipe for disaster!

5863 homes were damaged during Hurricane Ian

338,000 house fires in uS in 2021

2206 5.0+ earthquakes recorded in 2021

1.6% of all US homes will experience a broken water pipe, every year!

Nor' Easter 2020 left 280,000 homes without power for days

6.3 million unemployed in US in 2021

The Chinese proverb says: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today."

Hey there! We are Brinton and Spencer Andersen. We are the Founders of
11th Hour Preparedness

We are brothers, Physicians, Alaskans, Avid Outdoorsmen, and Preparedness Enthusiasts. It's in our blood from birth! Preparedness and Survival are words that instill a degree of uncertainty in many people. Concerns of staying warm and dry. Food and water in our stomachs, and protection from dangers that we face. The world calls it Emergency Preparedness, We call it, "Growing up in Alaska."

We were introduced to unique opportunities that taught us vital survival and preparedness skills that we have carried throughout life and now feel a burning need to share them with you. 

Brinton specialized in Natural Medicine for better health and has spent the better part of over a decade helping his patients restore health when they have lost hope.

Spencer specialized in Injury Rehab. He's also a retired Fire Fighter/EMT and has spent over two decades working to help his patients recover from the devastating effect of injury.

We have watched the change of the world and knew that there was a cry for understanding in how to survive the storm we are about to face. In Alaska, when we saw the storm clouds moving toward us, we knew that we needed to implement all the skills that we've been taught to make it through.


Don't Know Where to start?

Getting started with preparation can be really difficult if you don't know what's critical. Don't worry, we've got the solution. Sign up for our Preparation 101 email series that puts you on the path of preparation.

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